Rogation Sunday

In our parish it is the custom to visit three farms or agricultural businesses, so that in situ we can give thanks for God's bounty and request His continuing blessing on the fruits of the earth and on the labours of those who produce our food.

At each place we visit, our host tells us about their work and any challenges they face. In turn we pray for them, listen to short readings and sing appropriate hymns. (Cows have been known to join in with the music!)

This year Rogation Sunday is 19 May starting at Moss House Farm, Gt Plumpton at 6.30pm. Refreshments after the three farm visits will be hosted at St Matthew's Church, Ballam. We usually share cars and travel in convoy so that everyone can join in. Please meet at St Nicholas church lych gate at 6.15pm to share transport. Everyone is invited. 


In the Easter letter we advertised a SUMMER AFTERNOON TEA to be held on Saturday 11 May 2-4pm. This has been changed, the new date is SUNDAY 11 AUGUST 2.30 - 4.30pm


The date for the SUMMER BBQ in Cookson's Old Farmyard is unchanged and is to held on SATURDAY 27 JULY 3pm onwards