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"We at St Nicholas Wrea Green seek to demonstrate the same spirit of generosity shown by our Patron Saint. We want to dedicate our time, talents and money to the greater glory of God, for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves and for the building of God's Kingdom in this place."   


Almighty and glorious Father God of infinite grace and love, creator and provider of all things we are conscious that Easter approaches, which is when your one and only son, Jesus Christ underwent the greatest act of love and grace that the world has known, in that He willingly suffered and died on the Cross at Calvary. He took upon Himself all our sins and the punishment that we deserve, and so we humbly give You thanks and praise for Him who has brought hope and salvation to all who believe in Him.

Heavenly Father, we know that You are listening to us and know our needs as a nation and as individuals. In these difficult times, we are comforted by Your constant presence and peace, and the knowledge that You are in control. And so, we bring our prayers and petitions to You.

We pray for our leaders and our country

Lord, we ask that You continue to inspire, guide and give wisdom to our Government, authorities and health sector as they deal with the immense and complex task of managing the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on the economy, businesses, education, our mental and physical health, livelihoods, and our very way of life. We thank you for the hard work and personal sacrifice of frontline workers in hospitals, medical practices, care homes, on the streets and elsewhere, and for the scientists who have developed the vaccines. We thank you too for the current reduction in infections, hospitalisation and deaths and for the success of the vaccination programme, and pray that it will provide us with the long-term protection that we seek. We pray too that a just solution will be forthcoming in the dispute with other countries over the supply of vaccines, and that our programme will not be disrupted.

There are many people whose lives are being devastated by consequent loss of businesses, loss of income, bereavement, and loss of family and other interaction, and by mental health issues. Dear Lord, we ask that You bring comfort, strength, and wisdom to all those adversely affected and that they will turn to You in these awful times.

We pray for our policemen and women who face incredibly difficult situations in which not only is their health and safety at risk, but they must act appropriately where there are illegal gatherings, especially those that turn violent.

We pray too for our Queen as she continues to wisely lead our country, that she, Philip her husband, and the rest of her family will remain in good health and strength.

Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

We pray for those in other countries

Dear Lord, we bring before you those who have suffered, been bereaved or have lost everything, including their temporary shelters, in the devastating refugee camp fire in Pakistan. We pray for those suffering or starving in Yemen, and elsewhere. For those being persecuted in China and Myanmar. For the conflicts in numerous countries, especially in the Middle East, and for persecuted Christians around the world. We ask that you would intervene for them.

Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

We ask for your help for people in special need

Merciful Father, we ask that You heal those who are sick from the virus or other causes, relieve those in pain, give strength to the weak, joy to those in sadness, comfort to the lonely or bereaved, and encouragement to those in fear of the future, and help us also to be sensitive and responsive to their needs. We also pray for the people who are caring for them. Strengthen and support them, please Lord, in what can be a demanding role. Reveal Yourself and make known Your presence to them, Lord, so that they will turn to You for help and encouragement.

In particular, we pray for -----------(names)------------------------------------------------.

We pray also for the bereaved family, loved ones and friends of the late --------------------------------- (names)----------------.

There may be others in need, known only to You and those close to them, so we take a few moments to remember them in silence. PAUSE

Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

We pray for Your Church

  • We ask that You continue to guide, through Your Holy Spirit, those whom You have ordained to lead us forward, so that we can soon safely assemble again as a full congregation in worship and fellowship. We thank you that we are able, for the time being, meet in a limited way.
  • We pray for St Nicholas Church, and the other congregations in the benefice, that they will continue to thrive and to glorify You despite the current difficulties, and that their financial needs will be met.
  • We thank You for the blessing of our Vicar, Revd Philip Chew, and ask that You would continue to guide, encourage and inspire him through Your Holy Spirit as he ministers to us. We thank you also for the service of those others in leadership in the Church.
  • We ask You to bless and encourage those involved in JAM, Nicholas bear club, men's breakfast, home groups, GFS, the Ladies Christian Fellowship, and all other activities and groups that normally meet in Your name, but are prevented from doing so at the moment.
  • We thank You for all the people involved in teaching and helping at our village school. We pray for wisdom and help for them in protecting the children and themselves from the pandemic, instilling good moral standards in the children and for their spiritual welfare, as well as a good education.
  • And we ask You to help us in our daily lives to show love, mercy and humility as we walk with You, our God.

Merciful Father,

Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our saviour Jesus Christ

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Jesus said, 'God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever should believe in Him will have everlasting life.'

The passage I have just read from St John's Gospel is part of a conversation Jesus had with a prestigious religious ruler of the time. A man called Nicodemus. Imagine the scene

One night, presumably after many of his colleagues were home in bed, the Pharisee called Nicodemus from the Jewish ruling council came to speak with Jesus. "Rabbi," he said, "we know that You are a teacher who comes from God. For no one could perform the signs You are doing if God were not with him". This statement suggests a few things: Nicodemus was familiar with Jesus, most likely respected Him, and recognized that He indeed came from God. Nicodemus obviously knew of the miracles Jesus had performed. He'd probably heard many truths Jesus spoke as well, all of which seemed to have triggered a driving question from Nicodemus to Jesus: Who are you?

Jesus answers him by saying that we must be born again of the Spirit. Jesus then goes on to explain who He is and what His purpose is, by referring to an historical event.

Nicodemus being a religious leader would know in detail the history of the Jewish people. There is a story in the Old testament when the Israelites were wandering in the desert where Moses raises a bronze snake on a pole.

Nicodemus would have been extremely familiar with the story. The Israelites had rebelled against God and were punished for it in the form of venomous snakes crawling among the encampment. If the people were bitten, they would surely die. But in order to receive healing, they were told by Moses, that if they had been bitten, to look up at a bronze snake that he had erected upon a pole and they would receive healing. Looking at the snake on the pole was an act of faith, and when they looked at it, they were healed by God. The Israelites knew this was the only way they could be saved from certain death.

To get the full extent of this picture we need to remember Israel's pattern when they left Egypt: the people would rebel against God, the Lord's judgment would come, Moses would intercede on their behalf, appeal on behalf of his people, and God would always respond mercifully. God instructs Moses to put the bronze snake on the pole, if someone is bitten by the snake, they should look up at it and be healed from the effects of any venomous bite.

In Jesus' earthly days the people of Israel were still rebelling (many of us still do), but this time there was a different intercessor, not Moses, a different go between . . . this time Jesus was the One whom God would lift up, lift up, upon a cross and grant mercy to all who look upon Him. However, this mercy that comes through Jesus the Son, our Saviour, is an everlasting mercy. Later on, when Nicodemus heard about Jesus' death on the cross, you can imagine his memory of these words. Just like the rebellious Israelites in the desert, Nicodemus too needed an intercessor so that he could have salvation and be 'born again.' It is an illustration that likely stayed with Nicodemus for the rest of his earthly life.

God sent Christ for one reason only, and here's why: "So that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." We receive God's free gift of eternal life through faith, by believing that Jesus is who He says He is-the sinless Son of God who paid for the world's sins. He died in our place to grant us entrance into eternity with Him. But to receive that precious gift, we must acknowledge we need it. We must look upon the cross, our act of faith, and we are redeemed.

This was the offer Jesus made to Nicodemus on that dark night so long ago. The offer was free. Nicodemus didn't have to earn it; he simply needed to accept it. To step out of the darkness and into the light, out of death and into life. We don't know how that conversation ended that night. Perhaps Nicodemus' heart leapt with hope and he embraced the grace that Christ offered. Or perhaps he retreated, contemplated, and wrestled with his sin and pride, before finally finding the courage to surrender. Regardless, we know Christ revealed a beautiful picture of love, of grace, and the freedom of complete absolution. No more guilt. No more snakes in the grass, No more shame. Zero condemnation. Only freedom, light, and life, and all because "God so loved the world".

Rev Philip

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So, Jesus said 'Destroy this Temple and I will build it up again in three days.'

Of course, the Temple Jesus was referring to was his body and his disciples remembered all this after Jesus' resurrection.

There is a sort of paradox in this passage from John's Gospel. On the one hand there is the physical temple in Jerusalem - the stones and pillars - it was beautifully adorned and was the best type of construction of its day. Forty six years it took to build and was the pride of Israel. People came there for all sorts of reasons, and of course the main reason was to worship God. In that great complex was an area known as the Holy of Holy's. It was a place beyond the curtain of the temple where they believed the very personality of God resided, where no one was allowed to go into, only the high priest at certain times of the year. So, there is the physical side of the paradox, the solid build, the complex, the citadel and on the other side of the paradox is the Spiritual aspect of the temple, the indescribable, the Holy of Holy's.

The rest of the Temple had other functions for meetings, for teaching, for social interaction and even for commerce. Not too dissimilar to a modern day building where people gather really, be it a leisure centre, a supermarket and a conference centre all rolled into one. Into all this Jesus vents his steam. I'm careful here not to say vents his anger or fury because Jesus is more measured than that. His actions were pre meditated - he made a whip of cords to do the job. It wasn't a knee jerk reaction to what he finds in the Temple, he knew full well what to expect. He was waking people up to remember the real purpose of the temple. What all this periphery stuff was supposed to be pointing to. Ultimately everything was to be done to the greater Glory of God. God is the end in itself and all these other things are a means to that end. Commerce and so on is necessary but don't forget the end goal must always be God.

The same paradox continues today - as we move towards Easter, some of us are engaged in the spiritual aspect, perhaps some form of Bible study, extra prayer time and fast. Meanwhile the secular world is gearing up for Easter - all the supermarkets are stocking up with Mothers day cards, chocolate Easter eggs and cuddly Easter bunnies. The wheels and cogs of commerce are driving us forward to our Easter holidays, for many their own physical needs are ends in themselves, and as consumers the meaning of Easter itself is just a long weekend away from work. Many people may not have any idea of what Easter really means at all. Those of us who do, are rather like the high priest in the temple behind the curtain and out of view.

The depth of the spiritual is far too difficult to comprehend for many. They may have compartmentalised their own concept of God with belief in Santa Claus, Lady Luck, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. Somehow stuck in the physical world with no window on the spiritual at all. Then again some will have a different perspective on spiritual things perhaps through some other faith or practice and of course that may be fine for them.

When Jesus was in the Temple on that day turning over tables, it was the feast of the Passover. It was the festival where the Jewish people remembered the day God got involved with his people, to set them free. Jesus was reminding them of that fact. On another Passover, which is our Easter, Jesus becomes the person that sets us all free.

Barbara Brown Taylor wrote

God is greater than my imagination, wiser than my wisdom, more dazzling than the universe, as present as the air I breathe and utterly beyond my control. As a creature of God who is like that, I need a mediator, an advocate, a flesh and blood handle on the incomprehensible mystery that gives birth to everything that is. While Jesus is, in his own way, just as incomprehensible, he is enough like me, human enough to convince me that a relationship with God is not only possible, but deeply desired by God himself, who wants me to believe that His love is the wide net spread beneath the most dangerous of my days. Amen

Intercessions for the Third Sunday of Lent - 7th March 2021

By Terry Jones

Everlasting God, be with us in this time of prayer. Mindful of the Commandments that you gave to Moses, we pray that you would be worshiped above all else in our land and that we can at all times be given the strength to reject the temptations of our secular world.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our Prayer

Holy God, we pray for your church throughout the world and for all Christian people. Help us to be true disciples of Jesus, living the gospel, loving each other and proclaiming his message. During this period of Lent, give us a new awareness of your presence in our Church here in Wrea Green and teach us the humility to accept that all our gifts come from you to be used in the service of your people and in the spreading of the Gospel. Live in us through all of our small acts of sacrifice and help us be cheerful in our giving as our Lord Jesus Christ commanded.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our Prayer

Creator God, we pray for the governments of the world, that they may always seek for peaceful solutions in their dealings with other nations and rule their own countries with compassion and justice. At this time of the Pandemic we pray for the leaders of countries, as they seek to manage the challenges of the economic impact of the virus, in travel, manufacturing, hospitality, energy and so many other industries. We pray for our environment where we so often see too much of the evidence of poor stewardship in our surroundings and it is easy to forget that the world belongs to you. Help us to recognise your presence in our modern world and help us to use more wisely the resources of the earth.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our Prayer

Heavenly Father, we pray for the sick and the suffering. For those undergoing treatments and surgery, for those convalescing and those who are recovered. We pray that through their suffering they may all experience the light of the Gospel. We pray too for all who administer to the sick and infirm; for those working in our local health centres and hospitals; for those working in care homes and those who daily give help at home; for all of our local charities and Help organisations and today we especially pray for

Lord in your mercy, Hear our Prayer

Merciful God, we pray for those saddened by the death of someone close to them. Give them your comfort as they mourn for their loved ones and turn their darkness into light. We commend to your everlasting love and care those who have died praying that they will rest eternal in the light of Christ. We remember especially...

Lord in your mercy, Hear our Prayer

And finally we pray in the words of the diocesan prayer. Heavenly Father, we embrace Your call for us to make disciples, to be witnesses, to grow leaders and inspire children and young people. Give us eyes to see Your vision, ears to hear the prompting of Your Spirit and courage to follow in the footsteps of your Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

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One of the requirements of the season of Lent for the Christian is to repent. Now that's not a popular word in today's secular world is it? In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if some that have listened so far to this homily have switched off by hearing me say the word repent. But that is because they don't understand it. The thing is it isn't a horrible, demanding request at all, but it is just asking us to - Stop and think! Am I moving in the right direction, should I turn around, should I return home. Jesus in our reading today is determined. He is determined to fulfil His destiny and complete His earthly mission. It seems folly to Peter and the rest of Jesus' disciples, but God's plan is very often different to our own plans. We humans are very good at being contrary and doing things we think are in our best interests when very often they are not. Jesus repeatedly said throughout His earthy ministry that He is searching for the lost. Those that have lost their way. And He told us parables, He told us stories about it.

The lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son (or the prodigal son as the story is known). Looking for the lost, - Jesus tells us on numerous occasions that God doesn't want to lose anyone. These parables of Jesus tell us of the rejoicing when the sheep is brought back to the fold, when the coin turns up and when the lost son returns home. God goes the extra mile to find those that are lost to bring them home to bring them back in union with Him. Why? Because we are the beloved of God, and that's not just those who sit in church on a Sunday but the whole of humanity. I spend a lot of my time with people who do not come to Church, they may be baptised they may not, they may be of a different faith or of no faith at all - they are still the loved by God. Those who do come to church might say, "ah well that's all very well and good vicar but if that's the case what are we doing here? Why do we come to Church if we could stop at home and still be the beloved of God. The answer to those people is easy "you know you are the beloved of God, or at least you should do. Imagine trying to get through life not knowing that, for when you know that you're the beloved of God your response is to come to Worship Him - the God that created everything that there is - knows you, and loves you, personally and intimately. He has given you everything and wants to give you more. Now when you know that, it creates, (or should create) a worshipful response.

Do you remember in the story we had a couple of weeks ago, at the River Jordan when Jesus was baptised. He hears the incredible voice and others hear it around him too (they hear it as thunder). 'You are my beloved Son and on you my favour rests' God said. That vision was not just about Jesus. It is also about you and me. Jesus came to share his identity with you and to tell you that you are the beloved sons and daughters of God. The Roman Catholic Priest Henri Nouwen wrote. Just for a moment try to understand that you like Jesus are the beloved daughter or the beloved son of God....This is the truth, - and what is more your belovedness happened before you were even born. The Psalmist puts it like this, - 'You knew me before I was born you knew me before you knitted me in my mother's womb. Your eyes foresaw my deeds, and they were all recorded in your book.' You were the beloved before your father, mother, brother sister, or church loved you or hurt you. You are the beloved because you belong to God from all eternity.

So, what does that mean? - well I'll tell you. God loved you before you were born, and God will love you after you die. In the scriptures it says 'I have loved you with an everlasting love'. This is a fundamental truth about you. This is who you are whether you feel it or not. You belong to God from eternity to eternity. What this life is for - What this life is about, is. While you are here you have an opportunity to tell God that you love him too, and to do that out of your own free will. This is what repentance is - it means a turn around - it means drop all that leads to self and self indulgence and turn to God who loves you and wants you to love Him back.

You are sent into the world to believe in yourself as Gods chosen one and then to help your brothers and sisters know that they are also the beloved sons and daughters of God too. You are sent into the world to be a people of reconciliation and bring back to the fold those who need to understand what repentance is and what it means for them and for God. When that happens it says in Luke's Gospel c15 v10, - 'for every single one that turns to God there is joy in the presence of the angels' Amen

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The Temptations of Jesus.

So here we are at the beginning of the long and winding road which is Lent. From being a small child I have always felt that the word Lent is a heavy word. It's like a metallic word isn't it, it reminds me of lead, dense and heavy - It conjures up in my mind all sorts of things that are not really very pleasant, struggle, burden, weariness. It is a season in which we stick to our fast and resist temptation. Of course the real meaning of the word Lent is Spring - it actually really means the lengthening of days. It is meant to be a time that is full of promise - it is really a light and airy word - it is meant to be a time for us to be optimistic about all the new life that is bursting out around us.

As I was driving around our beautiful countryside the other day I saw a group of lambs bouncing around in a field together. They were finding their feet, they were playing together, they were testing their environment I suppose. In actual fact they gave the impression that they were happy. I know that their future maybe a bit of a mixed bag - but they don't know that. I guess they don't have to deal with worry or inner struggle, as we humans do. That of course is what sets us human beings apart - call it the fall, call it original sin, the sin of Adam, call it what you want, those lambs don't struggle with angst and inner turmoil like we do. That's why they seemed happy.

Today's Gospel tells us about Jesus' temptations after he took himself into the wilderness. First of all I don't like the word temptation. It means to entice a person to do wrong, to seek to seduce that person into sin, to try to persuade him or her to take the wrong way. Probably the best word to use is 'testing' 'to be tested' it is apparently a more accurate translation of the New Testament Greek. Jesus went into the wilderness to be tested.

When Jesus was there he was alone. No one was with him when His struggle was fought out. We only know about it because Jesus Himself must have told His Disciples about it. It is Jesus telling us His own spiritual autobiography. This is Jesus telling us about what went on in His own heart and mind and soul. What is being presented before us is Jesus' inner struggle. It is the most sacred of stories because it is about what went on in Jesus' heart and soul. He is telling us about what He went through. He is saying to us that He can help others who are tested in that He Himself was tested. He draws the experience from His own struggle to help us in our struggle. After all Jesus may have been the Lamb of God, He may have been Divine but more importantly human too.

Instead of seeing Lent as a long journey down a dark tunnel towards a pin prick of light at the end of it. See it as a bright start to a journey to life in all its fullness. A journey that will only increase in light as the days lengthen, comforted by the study of God's Holy word, a journey that will ultimately end in Glory.


Prayers for Sunday 28th February 2021 prepared by Gladys Helm

Lord, We come to you with gratitude for your great goodness to us in every aspect of our lives. Forgive us when we forget to stay in touch. Help us to make time to be aware of your presence with us and to listen to your quiet voice speaking to our hearts. We have so much to thank you for and have so many concerns. As we converse with you as our friend, help us to see things more clearly and discern how we can serve you better.

Lord, Thank you for the beautiful world you have created in which we live. As we look towards the season of spring our spirits rise as each day we are aware of all kinds of new life emanating around us. Forgive those who wittingly or unwittingly damage your creation and disregard the purity of the environment that all depend upon for air to breath and food to eat. May we make every effort to respect, preserve and conserve all the good gifts you lay before us and sing your praise in everlasting thankfulness and joy.

Lord, Thank you that in this time of isolation brought on by the pandemic many of us are able to keep in touch with families and friends through the remarkable technology we now have that also enables us to be aware of what is happening all around the world. St Nicholas Church has successfully been able to utilize technology in order to reach out to much of the community in your name. We are so grateful that many have enjoyed special services, children have still met up for J.A.M. and many adult groups have continued holding meetings, all via Zoom. The church website is a great comfort and enables parishioners to see and listen to Rev Philip in church interpreting your word and inspiring us, via YouTube. We give thanks for our vicar and all those who have been involved in making all these things happen for the benefit of the community. We also give thanks for all the kind people who are watching out for their neighbours should anyone be in need. This has been replicated all over the country and daily we hear stories of good Samaritans supplying life giving support to those in need. We are also thankful for the great contribution of our key workers keeping the wheels of life turning.

Lord in Your mercy

Lord, We give thanks for the coronavirus vaccine and the progress of the immunisation programme which is reaching deep into communities, so much we can now look forward with some confidence to a time when everyone will be protected. We give thanks that our government is also providing vaccines for poorer countries in collaboration with other developed nations. We mourn for the huge numbers of people who have been lost all over the world to this cruel disease and our humble gratitude goes out to the medical and caring professions that have given their "all" to bring comfort, healing and dignity to so many.

Gracious Lord, Hear our prayer.

Lord, we ask for your mercy upon all innocent families caught up in conflicts around the world especially in Yemen where there is so much distress caused by years of hunger and deprivation. May this terrible war be stopped to bring this interminable suffering to an end. We pray for the many millions of people around the world who are governed by regimes that have no respect for human rights, where minority groups are persecuted and where peaceful protest is met with violence. Help us all to guard our Christian values in our fast changing world.

Gracious Lord, Hear our prayer.

Lord, We thank you that you have created us into families, so that we may live, play, work, rejoice and grieve together and receive support when we face difficulties. Sometimes people have no-one to turn to and in extreme cases find themselves homeless, cast out into the streets with nowhere to lay their heads at night and do not know where their next meal is coming from. We pray for your help, through the kindness of many well-wishers, that they will find refuge, sustenance and a place to call home once again.

Gracious Lord, Hear our prayer.

Lord, we pray for all who are sick as a result of the coronavirus or from any other affliction that they may be healed. In our own community we pray for Margaret Ingham and Joyce May and others that we love who may be known only to individuals.

At this time we also pray for the souls of the dearly departed whom we think of in the silence of our hearts ........ may they rest in peace. Bless and comfort their families and friends who are in mourning. May they entrust their loved ones to your greater care in a place of eternal love and peace where there is no more pain and anguish. Amen

Prayers by Carole Williams

Prayers Sunday 21/02/21
Father God, we acknowledge your greatness in both the vastness of the universe and in the rich variety of life we see in your world. That you care for your creation is undeniable, for you sent Jesus that we should be saved and shown the way to live both in harmony with our neighbours and with the rest of creation, So hear us now as we bring before you our hopes and dreams in the days leading up to Easter, with the promise of lives reborn. We pray for better relationships, for lives restored to wholeness, and for peace on earth.
Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer.Lord we pray for our church as we journey through Lent and prepare to celebrate Easter, that it's message will reach beyond the flowers and Easter eggs to carry the hopes of all Christians -for a rebirth of the spirit and a strong witness for Christ which touches the hearts of those beyond its bounds. We pray for our church here at St Nicholas and give thanks that we have found and developed new ways to worship during the closure of the church building during the Covid 19 pandemic. We give thanks for everyone who has given their time and talents throughput this difficult period . We pray for Reverend Phillip and give thanks for his leadership in guiding us with inspiration and encouragement through the work of the Holy Spirit.
Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayerFather we are blessed with a world of great beauty, of extreme climates and geography and of life in uncountable diversity which at present is devastated by the Covid19 pandemic. We give thanks and ask you to bless everyone across the world who is working continuously to fight this virus, the scientists, all who work in the NHS, the key workers, carers, shop workers, delivery drivers, refuse collectors, volunteers , friends and neighbours and so many others who help us and bring help and support to the community at large. We gives thanks for everyone working to vaccinate everyone and for the success in the vaccination of the first 15 million most vulnerable members of our nation.
Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayerHeavenly Father, we pray for those who are ill in hospital or at home , thinking especially ofWe name in our hearts those known to us who are in any need today. As we name them we pray that they will feel your presence and know your peace, that they are never alone for you are always with them and us in our hours of need.
Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayerWe also remember the family and friends who mourn the loss of a loved one, thinking especially of those who mourn.

We pray particularly at this time when we are restricted in the way our funeral services have had to be restricted in order to try to stop the spread of the covid virus. Let those who mourn know that nothing is more dependable in times of sorrow than your steadfast and encircling love . For even in times of darkness and despair, Jesus is the light of the world and in his light all darkness is vanquished.
Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayerFinally Lord, a prayer for ourselves:
Father, we stand/ kneel before you at the start of a new week. As you journeyed on trusting in your Father's love, so help us to go on in faith and hope into the days ahead with all the joys and sorrows we may face. Guided we pray by the Holy Spirit and in the knowledge that you are with us every step of the way.
Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Sunday 14 March 2021

JAM (St Nicholas junior church) is looking forward to presenting an all age service on Mothering Sunday @ 10.30 on zoom.

If you would like an invite, please email Cheryl on

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The illustration depicted in our Gospel reading this morning described Peter, James and John's climb up the mountain where just for a moment they saw the transfiguration of Jesus - just for a moment they caught a glimpse of something special - something out of the mundane- something of the glory of God.

I was listening to radio 4 and Helen Sharman was speaking about her experiences of being in orbit around the earth on the Mir space station. If you remember Helen was the first Briton in space back in 1991. I can't believe its 30 years ago. She spoke really well about how her trip not only affected her but everyone that gets the opportunity to orbit the earth. It gave her a completely different perspective on her life. She said it made her think about how insignificant she was and more importantly how futile things were that she left behind, fashion, the latest gadgets - the things that we are told are most important and the must haves from the marketing forces of our materialist, all consuming society are all but a wisp of smoke. Whenever she and her fellow astronauts had time off, they would just stare back at the earth in absolute awe. All that matters really she said are our relationships our families and friends. The interviewer said I suppose it would be good for world peace if everyone could get that perspective - we belong here and we share this precious planet.

Of course this beautiful planet is just one heavenly body in the whole of the universe in the whole of God's creation. Helen was particularly impressed with the Himalayas as they floated past. She thought when I get back I'll visit there. She did and someone said to her 'have you been here before?'. She said well kind of.

I think that the experience of the transfiguration for Peter, James and John would have been rather similar to Helen's

Just occasionally in our spiritual life the curtains of heaven are pulled back and we catch a glimpse of the glorious reality of God. I know all of you somewhere, somehow have experienced what I am talking about and I wonder what your experiences have been.

Perhaps you too like Peter James and John have been out climbing and risen high above the mundane issues of daily life? Did the majesty of the quiet heights open your heart to the presence of God?

Have you been out walking at night when the sky is clear and when the stars shine bright? Did the magnitude of the night sky open your heart to the presence of God?

Have you been out sailing on the still and open sea - miles from all sight of land? Did the vastness of the waters open your heart to the presence of God?

Have you looked into the face of a newborn child and recognised the purest expression of humanity. Did that mystery of human life open your heart to the presence of God?

Have you been out worshipping in the midst of the people of God where the Spirit is at work? Did the conviction of the Spirit's activity open your heart to the presence of God?

Just occasionally in our spiritual life the curtains of heaven are pulled back and we glimpse something of the glory of God. If it hasn't happened to you yet - be aware, because one day it will.

Rev Philip

Almighty Father, we come to you now in prayer with all our concerns for the world, for its people, for your Church and for ourselves. It is time you say thank you that you are our Father. You know what is best for us. You know the answer to our problems and to the problems of the world. You know the solutions, even when they are beyond our timescale and understanding.

We pray for the leaders of the nations and their governments. May they govern wisely in this time of uncertainty. We ask for help for those areas besieged by the pandemic. For broken places where healthcare and resources are scarce. In our communities we think of the elderly and those confined to their homes or as patients in hospital separated from family and support. For children removed from school. For those who have lost their source of income and those who fear for their homes. For those who have no home and those offering extraordinary, everyday kindness. Keep them all close and safe to you Lord.

Lord in you mercy - Hear our Prayer

We pray for our beautiful but fragile planet. You have put us in charge of all its resources. Make us wise in the use of these gifts that they may serve the welfare and not the destruction of mankind and that we may be found faithful in our stewardship.

Lord we ask you to be near all who are suffering in body, mind or spirit at this time. We especially pray for (NAMES ON PRAYER LIST........)

Let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers and be at their side enfolding them with your love.

Bless those who mourn the loss of a loved one. May they lean on Christ to face the days ahead surrounded by your love and care. We remember the family and friends of Nora Kirkham, Mabel Pilkington,..........................

Lord in your mercy - Hear our Prayer

Everlasting God we pray for ourselves as we start the week ahead, we ask that in all we do, we may walk more closely with you at our side safe in the knowledge that your fatherly love and care knows no bounds.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen

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Jesus had returned from the synagogue in Capernaum to Peter's house where they found Peter's mother-in-law ill with a fever. She may have been delirious and not have been in a fit condition to reach out to Jesus for healing. However, whether she asked for healing or whether Peter and the others brought her need to Jesus, Jesus was invited to heal her. We read how Jesus took her by the hand and restored her to greater health so that she was able to get up immediately, and attend to them.

I have to say, looking at this healing story through my 21st century western eyes, it does rather grate with me. This woman had been very ill, surely, they should have been attending to her needs, never mind her attending to theirs. But that misses a large part of what was going on here. Whenever we start to recover from an illness it can take time for us to be fully restored, to get our strength back. This story emphasizes that Jesus had restored Peter's mother-in-law 100%. Back to full vitality, to such an extent that she had sprung into action to do what she was expected to do in her culture at that time. In today's world, perhaps fit enough to spring back to running her business or running the country. The emancipation of women isn't what this story is about. It is about the healing power of Jesus.

Good news can sometimes travel as fast as gossip. Within hours of Peter's mother- in- law being healed, people came to the home where Jesus was, bringing all their sick and those with evil spirits. In fact, the whole town was outside to see what was going to happen. They witnessed many being healed and delivered of what tormented them.

We're not told whether it was the people who brought the sick to Jesus, who had faith in Jesus, or whether it was the faith of the sick people themselves. It would appear that those who were sick and were able to make it on their own got there, whilst those who weren't well enough to make it, were brought by others. What is true, is that all the people who came, took advantage of the opportunity that was provided to be healed, and wonderful healings took place.

I am always aware of the compassion of Christ. How he exhibits that compassion to people, wherever he was and whenever people approached him, that needed his healing touch. There are numerous accounts where the text actually says Jesus was moved with compassion for the widow, or the sick. or people in general.

This is the beauty of intercession. To intercede for another or others. To speak on another's behalf to be an advocate. It doesn't have to be the one that suffers that needs to appeal and pray for healing. We can pray on behalf of another or others that we too have compassion for. Compassion indeed is a trait that is of God. Compassion is a tangible expression of love because it requires action. Compassion demands a practical outcome.

Whichever way healing takes place, it is still the same God who brings the healing. The risen Christ is the Healer, and He can heal the person who is present, or the person who is geographically distant. The reason is, that though you and I can only ever be in one place at one time, Christ isn't limited like we are. He can be there for them in their need. In that lies the comfort for those who haven't been able to be with their loved ones during this pandemic. We may not be able to be there but Christ can and is. Reaching out to them in love and in the power of the Kingdom. Amen


Prayers for 7th February 2021 By Rob Langford

Heavenly Father we come to you this morning to thank you for transforming our lives and giving us a future that is secure in you.

You are capable of doing far more than we can ask or conceive so we can approach you with confidence knowing you always want to work for good.

We live in a complex and often dis-functional world mostly caused by people's selfishness or who are directly opposed to you. Even though you allow self-will nothing is outside your control and we ask for your help today to be your ambassadors to show your love, compassion and support for all the people we come in contact with.

We pray for the life of the Church throughout the world and here.

  • Please support and encourage all those in Church leadership or ministry worldwide and help them to hear you in the best way to proclaim the good news that you are the only one who can save and transform lives. We ask that your Holy Spirit will equip, strengthen and support them.
  • Maintaining the daily life of the church community is difficult at this time. We pray for everyone involved with the organisations such as JAM, Mens breakfast, Home groups and the Ladies Christian Fellowship. We pray that they will find new ways to continue to be a strong witness for you in our community and they will all be able to reconvene as soon as possible to maintain our work in the community.
  • We give thanks for the success of using the internet technology Zoom to enable JAM to continue to function. Bless all those involved in this and show us new ways to exploit these and other such tools for wider use.
  • We pray for your help for everyone helping in the running of this church. You have given each one of us gifts that can help build the church community. Help us to use these so that we all to play our part in continuing the Christian witness in the locality.
  • Many Christians are persecuted and killed for their faith. We ask that you encourage and strengthen them.
  • Help us in our daily lives to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you.

Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

We pray for the needs of our country and the world

  • The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have asked us to pray for our country at this time. We need you to come close to us and give us all strength and resilience to maintain all the facilities we need and provide care for everyone who is suffering.
  • We know you care greatly for those in need and ask for your help in playing our part in supporting our community.
  • We pray for everyone providing essential services and government in our country. Give them wisdom above their own wisdom to make good decisions. They need extra strength and resilience and we ask you to help with this.
  • Medical staff are particularly suffering stress and exhaustion as they care for high numbers of very sick people. We ask you to help them cope with these pressures and for us all to play our part in reducing the spread of Covid19.
  • The pandemic has caused great hardship worldwide. Help us not to become despondent but to look to you our great and wonderful Father who can provide the resources needed to sustain all who call on you. Guide us in what we can do to show your love and care.
  • We pray for all the people involved in teaching and helping at our village school. Protect them and give them wisdom and help in providing innovative ways to educate children at home and those children who attend school.

Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

We ask for your help for people in special need

  • Compassionate Father we bring before you all the people we know who need your help in dealing with illness. We ask for your healing and help for them.
  • We pray for all those in isolation that they may know your comfort and company and we can show care and kindness for those we know.

We remember the families of people who have died

  • Help us to be supportive and caring of people in the village who are grieving over the loss of a family member or friend.
  • Help them in their grief and come close to them to show them your love.

Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

Rejoicing in the fellowship of all your people, we are glad to celebrate your unfailing love for us.

Merciful Father, Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our saviour Jesus Christ

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So today, on this feast of Candlemas, we think about Mary and Joseph coming to the temple to present baby Jesus to God. It was expected. Every Jewish family knew that they belonged to God. Mary and Joseph as good Jewish people would have lived their lives as though they were in permanent communion with God. Everything they did they would do for the glory of God. Jesus opened that up for the whole of humankind, if you believe in Him. As Christians we belong to God and are in Communion with God. We bring our children for baptism and/or in thanksgiving.

I suppose that is true of all children. They are never really ours but only lent to us for the moment. They have their own lives to lead and one day will return to God either through turning to him themselves during their lifetime or when their life is complete. Each and every one of us shares in that - it is true for us too for we are all children of God.

As sure as night followed day Mary and Joseph came to the Temple to offer Jesus back to God because it was to God that he belonged. There was a practice at that time where all firstborn males were brought to the temple. They were presented to God, presented to a priest who represented God, and a sacrifice would be made, in the belief that the sacrifice would go directly to God and that would allow them to redeemed their child. Obviously, they wouldn't sacrifice their child although ultimately God's child Jesus would one day sacrifice himself for the world.

The Jewish people believed that one day God would send a Messiah that would be more powerful than King David - an earthly King that would create an earthly, physical Kingdom - one that would stretch across the world. In contrast to all that in Israel there were some people who were known as the 'Quiet in the Land'. They had no dreams of violence or power or armies with banners. They believed in a life of constant prayer and watchfulness until God should come. All their lives they waited patiently upon God. Simeon and Anna, who we heard about in our Gospel reading today, were like that. They spent their lives in prayer, in worship, in humble and faithful expectation waiting for the day that God would come and comfort His people. And true to His promise the Saviour came, not as a night on a charger, but as a little child, the light of the world. But it's not a soft message or a fairy tale, Jesus didn't remain a child He became a man, a man that took the sins and suffering of the world upon His shoulders - Christianity is not a fairy tale for people to hide in - it is about facing up to the World and taking it on, like Christ himself.

Simeon held the child in his arms and said that this child is destined for the falling and rising of many and he turned to Mary and said that a sword would pierce her heart too, referring to Jesus' death on the cross. But more than that, Simeon, a very old man, who had been faithful throughout his life had come to realise the significance of the moment, holding the child he says, 'Lord now let me depart in peace for I have now seen your salvation.'

So, what does that mean for us? We have a choice, do we follow Christ or not? Our time will come and will depend upon our reaction to Jesus Himself. Have we truly followed Him or have we not?

Rev Philip


Almighty and ever-living God,

clothed in majesty,

whose beloved Son was this day presented in the Temple,

in substance of our flesh:

grant that we may be presented to you

with pure and clean hearts,

by your Son Jesus Christ our Lord,

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and forever. Amen

Sunday January 31st 2021 by Greg Musi

Father we choose to rejoice in your mercy and righteousness today. We join with all of Gods people in the ancient words of praise from Psalm 103:

'The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.

He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel: The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger abounding in love. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us'.

May we bring all our requests to you, confident that if we ask anything according to your will, you hear us.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

We pray for the worldwide Church, for our brothers and sisters throughout the world, with different cultures and lifestyles, facing different challenges, but worshipping the same God. We pray today for Christians whose faith involves risk of their freedom and even their lives; particularly for the nations of North Korea, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan Iraq and China; that resentment and hatred will be cancelled out by tolerance and love. We thank you that the love of Christ fills the void in lives that communism and capitalism have not satisfied.

We continue to pray for Vision 2026 and ask that, even in these unique times during lockdown, we may seek to make a difference to spread your word in our community, in the knowledge that you are always with us.

We praise and thank you for our Church here in Wrea Green and ask for guidance as we continue to make efforts to worship together during lockdown. We pray for your blessing on Rev Phillip, Janice and their family.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Father, your word encourages us to pray for all those in authority over us: and we pray for our government, that they be guided by principles of wisdom, justice and fairness as we, as a nation, continue to face challenging times.

We pray for stability and sound leadership in the important decisions that face the new administration in the United States.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

Bring comfort for those who are sick, bring relief to those who feel pain and hope to those facing treatment. And we remember those know to us personally.

We pray for the families, friends and loved ones of those who have died recently. We pray for Jim Carter Lindsay on the recent loss of his Father.

Lord in your mercy hear our prayer

Bring comfort to their friends and families and may they know your unfailing love at this time.

We thank you for the gift of prayer. Your word encourages us to pray in all circumstances, not when we feel spiritual or worthy, but because you love us and want the best for us. And because we can trust you for the future. When we face challenges, may prayer be our first response, not our last resort.

Merciful Father, Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen 

Sunday 14 February 2021

JAM is looking forward to presenting an all age service on St Valentine's Day @ 10.30 on zoom.

If you would like an invite,                               please email Cheryl on


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So Jesus was walking by the lakeside and as He walked He called Peter and Andrew, James and John. These were not a random choice of disciples that Jesus called. Some of them, probably, were already disciples of John the Baptist. In the fourth gospel, right at the beginning in chapter 1 verse 29, before this point in the story, John the Baptist points out to his followers Jesus, walking towards them, and calls him the Lamb of God. So, prior to this point it is possible that Jesus had already talked with Peter, Andrew, James and John before this particular meeting. Jesus sought them out to call them to him. This is the significant moment for them - once and for all they were now to throw down their nets and throw in their lot with Jesus. Or as Jesus said 'Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.'

But why call these men? They were not men of great scholarship, or influence, or wealth or social background. They were not poor necessarily, but simple working people with no great background, and certainly, anyone would have said, with no great future. But they were fishermen. Fishermen must possess certain qualities and perhaps these were the qualities that Jesus was looking for.

Now for fisherman you could use instead fisherwoman.

A fisherman or fisherwoman must have patience. He or she must learn to wait patiently until the fish will take the bait. If he is restless and quick to move he will never make a fisherman. A good fisher of people for Christ will need to have patience too.

A fisherman must have perseverance. He must learn never to be discouraged but always ready to try again. Any teacher or preacher must not be discouraged when nothing seems to happen.

A fisherwoman must have courage. There was an old Greek prayer to the god's. 'My boat is so small and the sea is so large.' She must be ready to risk and to face the fury of the sea. Any preacher and teacher must be well aware that there is always a danger in telling the truth, especially in this post truth generation. Anyone who tells the truth, more often than not takes their reputation and life in their hands.

A fisherman must have an eye for the right moment. The fisherman knows that there are times when to fish would be hopeless. He knows when to cast and when not to cast. A good teacher or preacher chooses his or her moment. There are times when people welcome the truth and times when they resent the truth. There are times when the truth will move them, and times when the truth will harden them in their opposition to the truth. The fisherman must fit the bait to the fish. One fish will rise to one bait and another to another. The Apostle Paul said that he became all things to all men if by chance he might win some.

The wise fisherman must keep himself out of sight. If he obtrudes his own presence, even his own shadow, the fish will not bite. The wise teacher or preacher will always seek to present not his or her self, but Jesus Christ. The aim is to fix our eyes not upon the preacher but on that figure beyond. Amen

Prayers for Sunday 24th January. Ros Cockrill

Let us pray together.

Lord, bless the family of the church worldwide. May we accept one another as brothers and sisters finding strength and joy in our lives together. Help us all to spread the warmth of Your love to everyone we meet and help us to be alert to their needs. Jesus called Peter and Andrew, James and John to follow him. They made the decision to do so, and we have the same choice. Help us to accept this challenge, and let Jesus take the lead. Father God we pray for our Church, here in Wrea Green, our vicar Reverend Philip and his wife Janice, and all those who work so hard to support our church.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

Lord God, despite the restrictions placed upon us and the circumstances in which we are living, we are thankful that we can praise and worship you the living God. We ask you to have mercy upon this nation and our world in this time of fear and confusion. Loving God we pray for all who work for peace and unity, and for all world leaders that they will continue to seek for an end to the suffering caused by war and violence and bring healing to the world. We pray especially for victims of terrorism and Civil war, and for those who are refugees and seek safety in another country, despite the dangers of the journey.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

We pray for all medical professionals, that through their skill and insights, many people will be restored to health. We ask for your support for all keyworkers, working hard to keep our country going, and for the work and service of all care homes and day centres for the vulnerable. Thank you for the many charity organisations who raise money and provide supportive services to help. We ask you to be with those who are guiding our nation, making decisions that affect us all. Bless all the members of the Armed Forces, who are deployed in different roles, supporting communities at home and abroad. We ask this in the power of the Holy Spirit, through your son, Jesus Christ.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

Compassionate God, we remember today all those whose homes and communities have been damaged by flooding caused by Storm Christoph. We give thanks for the courage and dedication of the emergency services who have come to the help and rescue of all, and for the kindnesses within communities caring for them.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

God our Father, we pray for our children and young people whose lives are directly affected by the pandemic, for teachers providing innovative education, and for all parents educating their children at home. Give them the strength to hold their faith in you, to keep alive their joy in our wonderful world and to realise that now we have vaccines available, we can look forward to a better future. Help us to reassure them, and to encourage them to enjoy the extra precious time of close family life. Though many of us are unable to see our families at this time, we thank you for the technology which enable us to keep in touch with each other.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

We bring before you those who are suffering from the Coronavirus and we pray for all those who are ill at this time, or who watch by the sick bed of those whom they love. We pray for those who are now in isolation; that they may know your comfort and company, and that those around them may truly show love to their neighbour through prayer and in works of care and kindness. We have in our hearts some that are known to us, some known to the Church and some known only through the news. We bring them to mind now. We pray especially for

And for the families and friends of who have recently died.

May they find comfort in your healing love.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

Everlasting God we pray for ourselves; as we start the week ahead, we ask that in all we do, we may we walk more closely with you at our side, safe in the knowledge that your fatherly love and care knows no bounds. We give thanks that, although we have not been able to formally worship together, we have found ways and means to share our common faith, support each other and acknowledge that you are always with us through your Holy Spirit.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Jesus begins to put together his disciples. There are several accounts of how Jesus calls his disciples he sort of wanders about doesn't he and selects his followers from all sorts of backgrounds. Today we have heard how he called Philip and how Philip introduces Nathanael. Philip says to Nathanael " We have found him of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph." Nathanael replies "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"

When I was appointed as a vicar in Burnley at the turn of this century in Lancashire there was a need for regeneration. A lot of the traditional industries had gone and new businesses were being encouraged. It was a challenging time especially in large parts of my parish, some of the housing was poor and run down. I got involved with all sorts of meetings with the community - and I was asked by someone where I was from. When I said Blackburn in Lancashire, someone said "Can anything good come out of Blackburn." There was always a certain rivalry between those to towns especially with regard to the football.

It reminded me of this piece from John's gospel.

Assumptions and stereotypes. When Nathanael says 'can anything good come out of Nazareth?' Philip doesn't get drawn into a discussion or argue the case but simply says "Come and See!" Come and see - come and find out for yourself.

This Christmas season has been different for all of us, but in normal times in the build up to Christmas many people come to Church. They may have all sorts of reasons. It might be because their children are in the nativity play or it might be because for them too there is something magical about the event. They hear the proclamation the angels made to the Shepherds go and see this child - go and see for self the glory of God made manifest. Usually for many that would be their last visit to church until the following Christmas (unless they get invited to a wedding, funeral or Christening of course in between). They somehow leave their understanding and spiritual development with the baby in the crib. OK Jesus did say that we should receive him with the innocence of a child but he didn't mean like a day old infant. You see this child grew up this baby became a man who can unlock for them the glory and the personality of God. Above all he can give them a relationship and a window on God. All they need do is drop any assumptions throughout the year, and come and see.

The Apostle Philip - what about him. I guess his role in the new testament is introducing people to Jesus. He is not mentioned an awful lot but when he is - he is usually talking to someone that requires an audience with Jesus, for whatever reason. We have heard how he introduces Nathanael - later on in John's gospel some Greeks approach Philip and say 'Sir we want to see Jesus' and Philip of course makes it happen. When I lived in the Midlands in the UK and was invited to preach at various churches and Chapels, I found in some of the Wesleyan and Methodist chapels a sign. As I made my way up into the Pulpit, there would be a sign saying "Sir, that we would see Jesus". I apologies for the sexist presumption that the preacher is male - but then again some of these chapels are so old even Wesley himself may have climbed the stairs to preach. The point is, that is what the preacher is there to do whether male or female. That the people may see Jesus . So, the message today is 'Come and see, if you haven't been in church before, or for a long time. When things settle down and the pandemic has passed. Come and see, that you may see Jesus'. Amen Rev Philip

Intercession 42 - 17th January 2021 Mr Frank Andrews

Let us Pray

Lord Jesus we know that you sit on the right-hand side of God the Father, and we ask that you hear our prayers and intercede for us.

Please strengthen and encourage all persecuted Christians and help them to know that they are loved by you; remind them, and all of us, that you are our strength and shield. We ask you today to give courage and comfort especially to Christians in countries like China, India, Iraq and Iran. Please lord will you sustain those wrongly imprisoned and surround their families with peace. May they find rest, joy and hope for the future. Thank you that you are close to the broken hearted and that you will save those who are crushed in spirit.

Lord in your Mercy - Hear our prayer.

We pray for world leaders and ask that they govern with wisdom, mercy and truthfulness and especially, at the moment, for the elected representatives in America. We ask particularly that they will value honesty and that they and President Trump will to do what is right in your eyes.

We also ask you to guide us on the important decisions regarding the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union. We ask that in your infinite wisdom the Holy Spirit will guide all our MPs and the European ones to make fair, honourable and wise decisions.

Lord in your Mercy - Hear our prayer.

We ask for your help to treat and guide all those who suffer and who are at risk from the corona virus. We ask especially that your holy spirit will guide, help and protect all our key workers both in the NHS and other services. We ask for the efficient rollout of the vaccines in this country and for all people world-wide. Lord we ask too that we will learn from this pandemic and become a more caring society for us and for our environment.

Lord in your Mercy - Hear our prayer.

We are becoming more aware of how we treat our planet. You remind us that we should not be wasteful of any resources and to really care for the wonderful world you have given us. Help us to think about the way we farm and the impact we have on other species. Help us too to remember that we share this fragile world with all creatures and we pray particularly for those on the edge of extinction including tigers, rhinos and elephants, slaughtered daily for their tusks. We pray for all wildlife conservation agencies and volunteers who are helping to forge relationships with Governments and local leaders to establish anti-poaching controls. Lord please help all people to live in a way that does not endanger life but cherishes and nourishes the life around us. Lord please guide us in your ways and help us to see the consequences of our actions through your eyes.

Lord in your Mercy - Hear our prayer.

Lord we want our friends and family to know you. We pray that our lives will bear witness to your Spirit, Your unconditional love and Your Grace so that others will draw closer to you.

Please remind us all here at St Nicholas of the importance of supporting your church, your work and your people financially. We acknowledge that this wonderful church is running out of funds and ask you to guide us over what action we should take. Lord we know that everything we have comes from you and of your own do give you. Remind us of how best to support this your church and of the joy of helping others and demonstrating the love that you so readily show us.

Lord in your Mercy - Hear our prayer.

We also ask you to comfort the family friends of all those who have recently died including ......... and to heal those we know who are sick including John Lavells, Margaret Ingham, Ivy Davies Linda Hollis and Catherine Stacey. Lord please comfort and heal them and may they, their families and friends feel the warmth of your love.

Lord in your Mercy - Hear our prayer.

Lord we ask for discernment in all our daily decisions that we will know Your leading and Your guidance so that we live and work as you would have us do.

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Homily The Baptism of Christ

So today we celebrate the baptism of Jesus. The pandemic has brought us many challenges both physical, emotional and financial. But it has also given us opportunities to reassess where we are, what we may want from life, what direction are we going in? Many have given of themselves in heroic and compassionate ways. NHS workers, key workers and those volunteering out in our communities have given us examples of sacrificial selflessness. For the love of their fellow human beings. Not Altruism for the sake of Altruism, but always, knawing away in the heart, something far more something far greater.

The pandemic has also given the church an opportunity to reassess itself. How we might be a Church, fit for the 21st century. The key to this is recognising that the Mission that we are on is God's Mission and it is each and every one of us that is called to be a part of that Mission. It is in actual fact the Mission of the baptised. Baptism is the primary Sacrament in which we all share - not ordination or marriage or anointing the sick or even the Eucharist - but Baptism. It is what marks you out as a Christian and it is your commission in the Missio Dei the Mission of God. It is so important as a sacrament that even Jesus was baptised before he set out to fulfil his purpose.

For thirty years Jesus had waited in Nazareth, faithfully performing the simple duties of the home and of the carpenter's shop. All the time He knew that a world was waiting for Him. All the time He was increasingly conscious of His waiting task. The success of any task is decided upon by how and when to begin. Jesus must have waited for the hour to strike, for the moment to come, for the summons to sound. And when John the Baptist emerged in the desert He knew that the time had come.

'Times they were a changin'. The Jewish people of the time knew and used baptism. Baptism was for sinners, those that had lost their way and were looking for a fresh start. At this time when John the Baptist came forth it was the first time in Jewish history that people started to realise their own sin and their access to God was not necessarily a given, just because they were born into a particular group or religion. Never in all history had there been such a unique national movement of penitence and search for God, as there was, around the Jordan, at that time. The time was right and ripe for God, just as now is the right time in our society for God and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This was the very moment for which Jesus had been waiting. People were conscious of their sin and conscious of their need of God as never before. This was Jesus' opportunity. In His Baptism, He identified Himself with the search of people for God. When Jesus presented Himself to be Baptised He was identifying Himself with the people He came to save, in the hour of their new consciousness of their own sin, and of their search for God.

People are searching for something that the oracle of our age, the internet, cannot provide, nor social media, or the depravity of Celebridom, but they are searching for something meaningful that transcends the mundane and transient. They are looking for the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen

Rev Philip


Almighty God, as we go through these worrying and uncertain days, help us to remember that everything is in your sovereign control. When we feel vulnerable and afraid, remind us that with you all things are possible.

Jesus, during Your ministry on earth you showed your power and caring nature by healing people from physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. We ask you to be present now with those who really need your loving touch because of COVID-19. May they feel your power of healing through the care of doctors and nurses. We ask that you remove the fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from those who are suffering from, or receiving treatment for COVID-19 and to protect those who are shielding.

Heavenly Father

Hear our Prayer

Father we thank you for the miracle of modern medical research and for answered prayer in the development of a vaccine. We pray for a smooth roll out of the vaccine in our nation.

We bring before you also all those working on the frontline in our hospitals. We pray for their protection and that you give them extra reserves of strength and resilience to help them to cope with the extremely stressful circumstances they are working in.

Heavenly Father

Hear our Prayer

Lord we pray for our government in these uncertain days. We ask you to give them wisdom, clarity and guidance as they react to the unfolding challenges presented by the uncertainties of the pandemic.

Heavenly Father

Hear our Prayer

Father we pray for all those whose education has been disrupted by the virus. We pray for families juggling the pressures of work and home-schooling. We pray also for university students with concerns about paying rent, fees and student loans, whilst receiving a compromised academic experience.

Heavenly Father

Hear our Prayer

We thank you for modern technology and the way it enables us to remain connected to our church and to each other. We pray that increasing numbers of people will find their way to you through online and broadcast church services. Help us to use our ingenuity to reach out in a fresh and relevant way to those who don't yet know you.

Heavenly Father

Hear our Prayer

Lord, we bring before you all those who are in need. Be close today to the lonely, the bereaved, the despairing and the hopeless, remembering especially those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and those who are struggling with isolation, unable to meet with family and friends at this time.

We pray also for those facing financial worries at this time. We ask you to be with those who are shouldering responsibilities and who are struggling to see the way forward. We ask you to shine the light of hope into their lives.

We also pray for you to give your deep healing to the sick, remembering especially today:


And in a moment of silence, we remember those known personally to us

Heavenly Father

Hear our Prayer

Lord of compassion, we remember those who have recently passed from this life, remembering especially:



and his/her/their family(ies) and friends. We ask you to pour out your comfort and peace on all those who mourn, may they feel the presence of your love surround them at this time.

Merciful Father Accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen


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It said in our Epistle reading this morning from Hebrews. 'The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. wow.

The readings that we have had this morning all speak about the creative energy of God. And how Jesus is a co worker with God in bringing about all that he has created. In the Gospel reading the writer ascribes to Jesus the name word. Now in this case the word word isn't a word. Do you get that - in this case the word word isn't a word. Its not something that that you find in the dictionary - the meaning of the word in this case is logos. And logos means knowledge (x rpt). You might think why not use that word logos instead of the word word. Well that would be too easy would'nt it. So we will use the word logos. Logos is a Greek word and of course it is the root of the word that we use when we have an ology - you know what I mean sociology, theology, geology, biology. It means to have knowledge about what ever subject you may study. I study theology (theos meaning God) - I therefore have knowledge about God (however limited my knowledge may be). Sociology knowledge about society, biology knowledge about living things and so on.

So Jesus is the logos, he is the knowledge or in the words of the old testament, 'the wisdom' That is what Jesus was, is, and always will be. The best thing about being a Christian, is being in possession of the logos, the knowledge, the Wisdom. Other faiths, as commendable as they may be, keep God at a distance. God to them is the transcendent Diety. To the Christian we are part of the creative force. It says in the Gospel this morning. 'To all who receive Christ, who believe in his name, will be given power to become children of God.' That spark of God, that light of Christ is also our light too

Think of a party popper, remember those back in the day when we used to have parties. They have a potential and a purpose. Inside they are packed full of tissue paper and a small amount of explosive. Ok we know that they are used in parties and for special occasions. They give out energy and joy. They help the party go with a bang.

We Christians and co-creators of God's Kingdom have been packed with the Holy Spirit. His power and life are packed inside us - and we must not keep all of that within us. The love, the truth, the faith and power that are inside us need to be released for the good of others. But unlike the party popper, the more that we give out the more God refills us. Amen                     

Intercessions January 3rd 21 12-23 

Written by Barbara McClean

Father God, the star that led the Magi to the stable announced to the world that its saviour was born. Today we live in a world that still needs to make the journey to the stable door. We pray for Christians everywhere, particularly those persecuted for their faith, that whatever our difficulties our lives may reflect your light day by day as we seek to serve where you have placed us and that we might be the means through which others can encounter Jesus Christ.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We give thanks Lord for the work of people in research that has produced vaccines to help to combat the spread of Covid 19. We pray for all the doctors, nurses, carers and key workers as they continue their valuable work after months of the strain of living with the virus and are now having to deal with a surge of new cases due to the mutation. As we move forward into a New Year we pray that we will remember the good and positive things we have encountered during this difficult time. How much we appreciated the love and support we received from friends and neighbours and the huge reservoir of care and consideration that has been tapped. Help us to carry this appreciation of others with us in the days ahead.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Loving Lord there are times when we feel helpless with the enormity of the problems of the world. Help us to put our trust in you and place our lives in your hands. When we feel overwhelmed with the troubles around us help us to remember that small acts of kindness can make a difference in other peoples' lives, sometimes far more than we can imagine. By thinking of others we have the power to make the world a happier place. We won't always know whose lives we have touched and made better for having cared, what is important is that we do care and act.

Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

Oh Lord at this time we pray for all politicians concerned with our future relationship with Europe. We ask that they will act wisely, exercise tolerance and work together so that we can begin to establish a good working relationship with our European neighbours in the difficult days ahead. Lord you broke down all the barriers between people of different races, creeds and cultures, at this time of uncertainty we pray for our country that we will all exercise the same qualities that we desire in our leaders.

Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for all children and young people whose education has been disrupted and who are facing a new term with further uncertainty ahead of them. Give guidance to the teachers and education authorities who are seeking ways of ensuring fair and just assessments which will affect the future of pupils and students. Bless our school in Wrea Green and grant that they may soon be able to return to a more normal situation.

Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

Creator God, who loves us more than we can know, be with the many thousands of people throughout the world who are suffering from the effects of the virus. Those who are sick, the many who mourn the loss of loved ones and those who have lost their jobs and face an uncertain financial future. And we pray particularly for

And in a moment of quiet we think of those known especially to each of us (pause).

Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

As we face the uncertainties of the New Year help us to remember Mary and Joseph who placed their trust and hope in You as they moved into a difficult and uncertain future. May they be an example to us when we feel daunted by the difficulties ahead. Help us to trust and hope even when we don't understand, knowing that you are near, with us and for us. Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

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10 ways to worship together even if not gathered

Today, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu called for all Church of England churches to suspend public worship to help stem the spread of Coronavirus.In light of today's announcement, we have created a list of 10 ways churches can worship even if they cannot be gathered together. Click here for the list of ideas.

Let us pray for one another during this difficult time.

"Cast all your cares on to Him, for He cares for you."

1 Peter 5:7

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Child Friendly Church Award

St Nicholas is proud to be a Child Friendly Church.

The church first received this award at a special Education Sunday service at Blackburn Cathedral on Sunday 31 January 2010.

The award has been renewed since that date.