A warm welcome 

At St. Nicholas our mission is to be a welcoming and friendly Anglican church. We are a prayerful community, which reaches out to support the needs of the local area and beyond. Our congregation is a rich mixture of people - different ages, backgrounds and interests who come together to share their faith in God.

Welcome from Reverend Wes.

Hello and welcome to the website for Saint Nicolas Church. My name is Wes and I've been the Vicar here since 2009 when my wife, Nic, and I came to the parish. We have found it to be a privilege and a joy to be part of the caring, loving Saint Nicolas Church family and I would warmly encourage you to come along sometime and join us. You'll find lots of information about what goes on, and when, on this site.

Saint Nicolas is an inclusive church and there is always a friendly welcome for EVERYONE! But then of course as Vicar I would say that wouldn't I? You don't have to take my word for it though, here are some of the responses from a recent survey we undertook to see if the community felt that the church was offering worship for all, meeting needs, serving as it should and being a true reflection of the love of God which is for everyone.

"Saint Nicolas is a very positive church with a very welcoming atmosphere."

"Excellent church for children with a great Sunday school - JAM"

"Saint Nicolas has a 'user friendly' service." 

"I've only been attending regularly since February 2018. I was made to feel most welcome by Reverend Wes and his team to such an extent that I now feel at ease attending the services."

"The congregation feel like a family, and the support from them is wonderful in times of trouble."

"I've been attending for a couple of years now and have been impressed and grateful for the kindness and inclusiveness of the people at the church, to me that really speaks the message of God's love."

Nic and I are retiring on the 7th of October and it would be lovely to meet you before then. However, even when we are gone the rest of the open-hearted friendly church family will still be there to welcome you. Why not pay us a visit?

Blessings, Rev Wes

Stanley, our verger

Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of our hard working verger, Stanley, St Nicholas has won the Best Kept Churchyard competition 14 times since 1983.

    People involved at St Nicholas Church

VICAR: Vacancy

VERGER: Mr. Stanley Parkinson 01772 685036

CHURCH WARDEN: Mr. Roy Griffiths 07504 144626 rgriffiths17@googlemail.com

SECRETARY: Mrs. Ros Cockrill 01772 672799 roscockrill@hotmail.co.uk

TREASURER: Mrs. Liz Almond: 01772 685572 jande.almond@virgin.net

ST NICHOLAS CHURCH SAFEGUARDING OFFICER: Mr. Paul Taylor ptommytaylor@aol.com                                                                                                                             Mobile number: 07787 515182                                                                                                                     Home Number: 01772 386188

RECORDER Mr. Chris Dickson 07968 095639

ORGANIST: Mr. Dan Moore

PARISH MAGAZINE EDITOR: Mrs. Sandy Harris 01772 683827 sandy.electraglide@outlook.com


PARISH MAGAZINE ADVERTISING: Vacancy, meanwhile contact editor

Ribby with Wrea Endowed C of E school HEADTEACHER: Mrs. Sarah Robson 01772 685221 www.ribby-with-wrea.lancs.sch.uk

We aim to be;

  • UPWARD, praising and worshipping the Lord
  • INWARD, growing spiritually in the knowledge and love of Christ and in the fellowship of the Spirit
  • OUTWARD, sharing our faith with our community


Our Parish Magazine, includes items from the Church of St Nicholas, St Matthews, Ballam and St Michael, Weeton, which are part of our benefice and also items from our sister RC Church of St Anne at Westby Mills. We aim to serve the whole community, so that it is more than a church magazine. Many of the organisations of our villages contribute to the content, helping us make it both informative and of widely varying interest.

Being a magazine that represents such lively, friendly churches and active communities, we are never short of content but still we welcome contributions from anyone. If you would like to submit something, please contact the editor, Sandy Harris - sandy.electraglide@outlook.com

Copies cost £1 per month but an annual subscription is only £10 for the 12 issues. We can deliver to subscribers over a wide area:- Wrea Green, Ballam, Lytham, St Annes, Westby and the Plumptons, Westby Mills, Weeton, Wesham, Kirkham, Warton, Freckleton, Lea, Clifton and Newton. To arrange a subscription please contact Jean Ensor 01772 684711

Child Friendly Church Award

St Nicholas is proud to be a Child Friendly Church.

The church first received this award at a special Education Sunday service at Blackburn Cathedral on Sunday 31 January 2010.

The award has been renewed since that date.